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Date4/1/2021 (over 1 year ago)
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minds:textCurrent age towers are made of solid material that pushes its way up as positioned. This limits their size per weight, because it is like building upwards with ice. Water, instead, as long as it is held in place sideways, pushes its own weight much better. Proposing: tower of rope and carpet. Carpets would be the water equivalent, that, in its fluid state - the internal core of the tower, layers upon layers of meshes of fibers - can hold its own weight. But, being carpets - fibers with internal energy of their own that holds them - they don't spill sideways as real fluids, while still having their pressed 'fluidity'. And ropes, to keep the carpets together, and ropes that hold the tower vertically by pulling it down in equilibrium from many sides. The ropes that keep the carpets together cannot hold their own weight all the way up, and would rely on being held up by the carpets which in turn are held by the ropes. Continuous pressure on the carpets and tug on container ropes will break their molecular bonds in time (carpets will become truly like water, redirecting pressure immediately rather than holding most of the weight), but, things break and need replacement always, the classic fully hanging space elevator also, even pyramids and mountains. Space tourism could justify continuous maintenance of rope towers, but the #FractalUniverseRevolution is much more awesome! Rem/Lik/Sub/Çat/Wir#FUR/Mor
minds:titleTower of Carpets and Ropes


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